Planning for disaster recovery

Anyone who has been through a major earthquake, flood, fire or other disaster can confirm that a lot more could have been done – and should have been done – to lessen the impact. Forethought is the key to recovery. Assessing the risks Meet with staff and advisers to start developing a recovery plan. Set […]

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Protect Yourself and Your Data – Proactive Steps for Living Safely in the Digital Age

These days your personal data is everywhere, and that information is valuable to marketers, hackers and everyone in between. If you want to prevent the unauthorized use of your personal information, you need to take a proactive approach to protecting yourself and your identity. You can no longer afford to be blasé about your data […]

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Preparing a business plan

Your business plan is a management tool and is designed to suit the structure and needs of your particular business. There is not a one-size-fits-all business plan, or a set formula that you have to follow. This leeway to design your own business plan can feel quite daunting at first, but this is easy to […]

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Your export road map

For first-time exporters, finding success in overseas markets can be an avenue towards securing long-term, sustainable growth. But thorough preparation is vital to managing the business risks involved. Building a well-researched plan Deciding to export should be part of your continuing vision for your business. In-depth research will help you understand the specific challenges and […]

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Cash flow forecast

Use the cash flow forecast template to compile a document that you can continue to use to measure your business’s health and progress. The template is split into two sections, “Sales” and “Less Payments”. Enter your sales figures into the first section and your costs into the second. The template will automatically calculate your sales […]

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