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Tax Preparation

There are a lot of tax rules to keep straight as a real estate professional, and they can get confusing. It can be especially hard to keep up when changes happen regularly and your business never stops.
That’s where we come in.

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Eliminate The Headache That Comes with Tax Time

There’s no need for the end of the financial year to bring additional stress. We take care of all your tax obligations, from simple situations to complex ones. We will go over your documents for the year and ensure everything is filed correctly and on time.


Expertly Complete Your Taxes Right the First Time and File on Time

We prepare and e-file your T2 corporate income tax return, HST return(s), T4/T5s as required, and your T1 individual tax return for you and your family. We send you reminders when taxes are due.


Save Money and Stay Compliant

We’ve been doing taxes for real estate professionals across Canada for several years, and have picked up strategies along the way to help save you money. We’re all about lowering your tax bill and avoiding unnecessary penalties and fees.


Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your tax preparation needs.

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