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Maria Pizzitola

Being early in the transition process, I am blown away as to the amount of knowledge and insight Rachel has in the world of accounting for Realtors. Unlike other accountants I have dealt with in the past, most were unable to answer questions or were unclear as to what could be done or not done when dealing with Realtors. Every question thus far has been answered in full detail, and furthermore, direction is being given as to how to better manage the business. Incredibly happy to have made the switch.

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Christopher Cartwright

The RealtyTax team is amazing. They are not only a wealth of knowledge but they take all the hard work away from you and make tax time much simpler in many ways. I would and have highly suggest them for your tax purposes.

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Ehren Gluckstein

As a Realtor, the burden of gathering all of my tax documents and entering them into a spreadsheet for review by my accountant WAS a very time-consuming and tedious process that typically dragged on for a week each spring. NOW Neal and his team have eliminated this process, while keeping all of my expenses organized and updated throughout the year. They are always available to answer my questions, keep my finances organized and most importantly, highlight ways to help me save money. Working with these guys is analogous to having my own in-house accounting team. I highly recommend the RealtyTax Professionals!

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Desmond Caissie

The team at Realty Tax has been incredible to work with. They are super responsive, know their tax laws, and are quick to make helpful suggestions and changes to better serve you. They offer many different solutions based on your business needs which allows you to focus more on your business and growth. I definitely recommend reaching out and booking a consultation with them.

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